Senior Backend Engineer (Node.js) PLN 18.000 – 24.000 NET + VAT (B2B)

At Idego Group, you’ll work with people who find pleasure in programming and have deep knowledge about a variety of technologies. You’ll work for our clients worldwide and provide support in great software development, including IoT, machine learning and blockchain related projects. You will work in a relaxed atmosphere using the latest technology, software and Agile methodology of project management. Simply, at Idego we are trying to provide the perfect conditions for work and personal development.

About the project:

The cloud-based SaaS solution helps brands, vendors, manufacturers and suppliers manage risk through digital quality and compliance programs. Our goal is to build a connected, sustainable and transparent supply chain. Currently, the solution is used by over 15,000 people worldwide, including some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

The solution provides tools to predict high-risk areas and automate risk-based interventions throughout the supply chain.


  • Design, develop, test, maintain, publish and optimize back-end services.
  • Work closely with product owners, designers, DevOps, and other departments to ensure high-quality deliveries on time.
  • Build server-side applications that are clean, easy to understand, maintain, and scale.
  • Contribution to engineering culture. Provide an environment where knowledge is shared explicitly, mistakes are accepted, and all learn from each other.
  • Monitor and improve application performance. Be responsible for the availability of services.
  • Designing a database model, application structure. Write and maintain API specifications. Write and maintain project documentation.


Technical requirements:

  • 4+ years working experience as a NodeJS developer.
  • In-depth knowledge of PostgresQL or equivalent RDBMS.
  • In-depth knowledge of building a high-performance, decoupled, testable, maintainable application.
  • Ensure code quality and performance optimization.
  • Able to understand, design, and write technical documentation.
  • Familiar with Agile methodology and continuous delivery.

On the plus side:

  • Experience with GraphQL and Python/Django.
  • Experience with K8s and GCloud.
  • Experience with logging, tracing, and monitoring tools.

What perks are waiting for you:

  • Work environment with zero micromanagement – we cherish autonomy
  • 100% remote work (unless you want to work from our HQ Gdynia), recruitment & onboarding
  • 100% paid holidays (24 working days)
  • Paid leave (2 weeks) if you feel sick or dizzy
  • Really cool seaside apartments available for free for both leisure & work
  • Experienced team from 4 to 15+ years in commercial projects
  • Unique memes channel
  • Private medical insurance (basic dental services included) and Multisport
  • We want you to join our team. We are neither the agency giving you projects from time to time, nor a huge corporation where you are a “dev XYZ”. At Idego – you matter!