Python Developer

Are you one of those persons that feel discomfort when interacting with too much manual work? Are you one of those persons looking on daily work through automation glasses? Finally, are you one of those persons sharing the view, that our hands are too sophisticated instruments to use it for automatable manual work? Are you open for new knowledge and able to learn fast?

If you answered “yes” for all those questions please, consider this offer. We are looking for persons interested in developing solutions related with cloudifying and automated preparation of testing environments. People that are eager to put another puzzle to XaaS landscape and create TEaaS (Test Environment as a System) functionality in Nokia. You will have opportunity to participate in development of interesting project, but not only. Learn new skills and frameworks in Python or get familiar with such technologies like elastic search, docker or kubernetes. Boost your creativity and make a difference for company and yourself.

Ready to take the opportunity and new challenge?



  • programming using Python at an intermediate level or above
  • using the Linux CLI at a basic level or above
  • knowledge of software engineering and the practical use of version control systems
  • virtualization, hardware and network troubleshooting as a valued skills
  • spoken and written English
  • very good interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • strong sense of responsibility and commitment



  • Python
  • Linux
  • Git